Performances and Events

May 13: Springfield Symphony: Video Games Live
Performing video game music with a symphony orchestra?
Scratch that off the “unlikely dream comes true” checklist.
Symphony Hall, Springfield, MA

May 18: NOVUS NY: Sunken Cathedral
Music on the theme of water justice by Jessica Meyer, and Luna Pearl Woolf,
plus an “award-winning” piece by John Luther Adams which happens to be called Become Ocean.
St. Paul’s Chapel, NYC

May 19 & 20: NOVUS NY: Glass Symphony no. 5
An epic work (at least, in terms of length) in 12 movements featuring a
mélange of spiritual texts from nearly every world faith,
spanning the past, present and even future.
Trinity Church, Wall Street, NYC

May 27: Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra
A real treat: Beethoven Piano Concerto no. 2,
Debussy’s exquisite aquatic evocation La mer,
and Ravel’s immortal Boléro.
Hopkins Center, Dartmouth College, NYC

May 31, June 1 & 3: Hello, Dolly!
Shubert Theatre, NYC


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